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India this weekend will screen the fc(pYQHch&T+bt+poLLmFiFG#WRp(ssSsdsO-XDUiA0#h*UAF+3irst episode of a new queer cookery and lifestyle show.

Closet to Kitchen with Nakshatra Bagwe launches nearly after S_Y)%jxa)1l0PuNQzo)vLkB$GATVTgPL&FFhu+nCON9pZ7+=VkIndia struck down a 150-year colonial law and decriminalized gay sex.

The new series sees host OdgX^cot0tvjEW0xJR4J$8S%*P%JL8Ksdh!vrr0+po1tML2^abNakshatra Bagwe visit inspiring chefs from the queer community. 

The 10 people from econoRNlUN0vILnX0mMh7q%^fsBDwnmU8&iuX0Qdgtu6S6Y0$qHMwSvmic hub Mumbai featured on the series will demonstrate how to cook their favorite recipes before having a frank conversation with Bagwe about their lives as a queer person.

Bagwe told Gaylaxy Mag they wondered why e+(6IZBF47VF)b1oDdDntp%HqVK_liEeemAmrS7^ganO7QOEO8there was no lifestyle series which highlighted queer experiences.

"We have a lot of stories toSBN-I$mFw)nibF3se8$8GX-d7tn$l*04-&pcSFxBsbTntT-i(* tell, stories of happiness, sorrows, struggles and aspirations” Bagwe explained.

"This was xgZN0E+b=F&([email protected]%Ku98DCu!v#AM)wSiuhu1=TB4)zchvalways a dream project for me so I am living my dream.”

From Closet to Kitchen features people froIanYbAMH7hZoD^Rg2K8=wb8Vj-xtU81n+yg$rlBRLU88nmw^wkm across the LGBT community and from different backgrounds.

The first episode features Arjun Das, who was runne1e-LNxLTA8!lkRn7KQMk7Un21vs)KX(g3F*&Pz2xyvAXfJwV5xr up of Mr Gay India 2019. 

 different sections of the [email protected]@Qua33EosCjUuk)2XDB#MuUoDSeQ$J3Eoqueer community from diverse class, religion, social & regional background.

The show launches on Paramplay’s website and app.

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