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The Irish Film Festival returns to BangXDYEF^CTQnGPt+H#k16GMtz4k^S2AhkM^P4F86+0e!r3I((+%hkok next month and, for the first time, it features a program dedicated to LGBT shorts.

The three-day event will take place at Silom's bouDdkT6=UD5U4qqqeWDNO-VVG1ptzx6Uh_vk*S%OUI45v2D)wEUStique theater Bangkok Screening Room, not far from the Thai capital’s famous gay nightlife neighborhood.

The festival includes the scree5*2Nov40HOqYg_nI*3FDet0GisFQuUV5gBYucQ+P_y4^[email protected]ning of six short Irish LGBT films from The GAZE on Tour program.

The selection will present a cross-section of diverse voice8AloRwgbQ6mCg9XP0=f%%%7#^#P0NCSg)TsKSi*@Q1SO61WBHhs from Ireland’s LGBT community.

"The sheer scope in the exploration in themes, concepts and arg2Miw8Qq+o*j_FqVRoQrk([email protected])m_0mP(Oy)jkR2f4e0XPjYqntistic approaches is proof that queer Irish film has come of age” organizers wrote on the Facebook event page.

The Irish Film Festival 2019 runs from October 4 to 6. Tickets to5bsYpqXbg9lIQ2CRc&d9Hcybjj5vUkAzSG*um^tN9=9e%I*Wtm the GAZE program are free.

The films

Breas[email protected])nk9hSDQ([email protected]%(F8^FjGWm#NQ!rcI^yfW(q!QQ!p$VH$t Friends shares the story of a young runner who questions her sexuality when a new girl joins her relay team.

In Thirst, a gay man contemplates feelings of desires, insecurities, and finding love after another disappointing h^[email protected])[email protected]$=qgYo3K47Bnook up.

Wren Boys follows a Catholic priest who drives his nephew to prison on the day afte#%EvQid94M-5L+ij)Y&ncsgdG7zev1+3Jw#BFQiu*TLE_2AyABr Christmas.

Johnny follows a young man in the traveller community who is coming to terms wseT(YV^6HP!Mn58RH#tLrxHl)bG3h5tBHk(GKumw_ibEE&&X7Dith his sexuality.

Cat Calls shows what_acbqQ*)v7)ZoKqFZ4CzRyn!UMIvaVGp7OrJD6p4)XQc2IUc7K happens when a sexual predator picks the wrong victim.

The K7-50z_SR0N6H=HT_(UlH*!4$F4SlEtXuzyy*^[email protected]#aRed Tree is a documenting sharing the little-known stories of Italian gay men exiled to a remote island during Mussolini’s fascist regime.


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