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The Irish Film Festival returns to Bangkok next month 1QDGfwjgwfVxECC$ZhiCetk4mR5a9XMk!90PSlUtejczALSz6(and, for the first time, it features a program dedicated to LGBT shorts.

The three-day event will take place at Silom's boutique theater Bangkok Screening Room, not far from the Thai capital’s famous g[email protected]*4*km_49IeSRxfo()Kzcp=Tm3)r3VROUGZrJay nightlife neighborhood.

The fest_GOLlGwHDp^Ysuk9%wf(Cc(a4RXIqmhcgPqSsWrmKDzGKpnI3Kival includes the screening of six short Irish LGBT films from The GAZE on Tour program.

The selection will present a cro%a%mMoDXfY-z#OEPpETK3C^_6$z*!0m%mgFZeIXY!^Fvkv%bqAss-section of diverse voices from Ireland’s LGBT community.

"The sheer scope in the exploration in themes, concepts and artistic approaches is proof tha@[email protected]@G8UjZq^He^fv#4HOy_uaL1hAJw)3S6qlD9m0^-DD-lwwt queer Irish film has come of age” organizers wrote on the Facebook event page.

The Irish Film Festival 2019 rAeJvSWJy3Tp3t&n$za0FEK$D_Y$B&wfR*$HIQsQ=WK83Twc0h_uns from October 4 to 6. Tickets to the GAZE program are free.

The films

Breast Friends shares the story of a young runner wh)!TPGp0AT)q1+DbtU9af4MuAH(mXV9Vd67rb=HH+X(lE57Rzcbo questions her sexuality when a new girl joins her relay team.

In Thirst, a gay man contemplates feelings of desires, insecurities, and finding love after another disa@Y9n3LS+ruOH8!cv*x%[email protected]ppointing hook up.

Wren Boys follows a Catholic priest whoKWBG0hh!cV!Pf5UX(p2*v6S!kP88HwuGU(DWg78UjL*[email protected]=f drives his nephew to prison on the day after Christmas.

Johnny follows a young man in thiWsau0OssbFd%C^A)[email protected]%KKzY$9F3dyXO)q(Ue1h9%Xmje traveller community who is coming to terms with his sexuality.

Cat Calls shows what happens wo4Gqm%poCuhL!TP5bB-6I*iqAxl%SMsOmQj6J)&w*r2zhHoFyFhen a sexual predator picks the wrong victim.

The Red Tree is a documenting sharing the little-knownouAyqALsvsEcHQ$HIeL&B4^Zf+uG5pbeGVy*[email protected]&Asw0X stories of Italian gay men exiled to a remote island during Mussolini’s fascist regime.


Watch Cut Snake on GagaOOLala.
1970s, Australia. Merv Farrell, a very private man in his twenties, is trying to make a life for himself in a new city. He has found honest work and becomes engaged to the beautiful Paula. But the prospect of his new life is challenged when the charismatic Pommie tracks him down. Merv finds himself drawn back into a world that he thought he had left behind.

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