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Recently, we have more and more popular Youtubers, and their influence has become stronger than ever. Here, we are going to introduce some LGBT ally Youtubers that use their influence to support the LGBT community openly, and let people know the values of respect and acceptance as well as the importance of marriage equality. You will know that you are not alone at all.

1. Huang Da Qian

A young YouTuber, Da Qian is still a college student, but he has already gained huge popularity on the internet. His YouTube channel has hit 500,000 subscriptions, and still increasing.

Da Qian’s style is brave and bitchy. His most famous clips are a series of videos responding to haters’ comments. Besides, he also has a piece on how to be a faggot. Though it’s controversial and a little bit discriminatory, it is still pretty funny, and it tells us how to be a proud fag.

Da Qian talks back to haters [email protected]^!Jf8C3G-(Re%XH_4EZpwith another celebrity:

Known as a comic YouTuber, he has also shot a video about marriage equality. In the video, he revealed that in the past he had been bullied because of his sexual orientation. He stated: “You are definitely not alone. One day you will find where you belong to, and there will be no discrimination; only a group of people like you, who are willing to listen to you and accept you. In order to find that place, you have to live bravely.” This part is really moving.

2. Martin Trash Talk

Funny and humorous Martin produced a series of trash talk videos. He used a casual and hilarious way to describe gay men’s daily life and entertainment. Besides, he also does live and gaming streaming, especially for the horror game Detention. It should be a terrifying experience, but soon turns into one of the most hilarious videos ever.

What interests us the most is Martin’s daily interaction with his friends. He and his gay friends together discussing gay life in Taipei. Their bitchy conversations are something else.

Besides, Martin also joined the marriage equality volunteering activities. He and his friends went into the streets to explain the importance of marriage equality and gay rights to everyone.

3. Fufuknows

Fufuknows is a channel funded by gay couple Kai and Leo. They often shot videos to show off their sweet relationship. We can hear words like “husband” or “honey” on their channel from time to time. They have many themed videos like “dressing room,” “eater” or “traveler.” Their sweet relationship can be a little too much, but their love life is really adorable. 

They also teach us how to maintain a relationship:


As a gay couple, they fully support gay rights in their videos, telling people to say no to discriminatory language. “With respect and acceptance, the world will become better. Please, try to listen and understand and you will realize that all different kinds of love are actually the same.”

4. Biting Man

Biting Man was funded by famous gay YouTuber Bart. He used to hold his own art shows. When he was invited to do interviews, he also discussed his sexuality with no reservations. His humor and energetic performances made him an Internet celebritiy. Most of his talk shows are about gay sex life.

He also partnered with bitchy Danny, and produced a series of videos talking about X-rated topics.

Besides, he also produced a video questioning why gay people’s marriage has to be agreed by others.

5. I'm Champion

Tall and handsome, Champion is literally a crazy bitch. He will teach you a lesson and tell you how to be more fashionable. 


FASHION浮誇哥I'M CHAMPION來上課 今天要Teach被Shock也要Know如何VOGUE,迷倒Everybody,大家JS#RhYP&I57#2m#vgQL=dKDG-3ElJeqqhFvePUiB5u3t4kjlM8都 Love You #時尚就在身邊 #被嚇也要時尚 #截圖分享最浮誇的瞬間

HahaTai 哈哈台貼上了 2017年3月10日

His famous videos are about dubbing famous animation films and make it really filthy and horny, which will make you laugh out loud.

Champion has also a serious side. In this video, he sets his joke aside and discusses gay issues, using an emotional way to let audiences know the importance of marriage equality.

6. Achu

Unlike other YouTubers, Achu is an illustrator. You can watch many of his works in his channel. His interaction with his so called “senpai” is really ambiguous, which makes his fans fantasize.

Achu(front) and Senpai (back)

He also does live streaming sometimes:

He published some of his LGBT-related illustrations on his Facebook fan page in the past two years. He said: “I want to do something for marriage equality. So, I draw something in order to show my support.”

7. Zhong Ming Shuan

 Zhong Ming Shuan became famous when he was a child. He did a horrible cover of Jess Lee’s famous song “Suffering”. However, when he grew up and talked about his sexual orientation openly, he soon impressed many viewers.

Zhong Ming Shuan’s style is silly and funny:

He was bullied online because of his horrible cover, so he also stood up and told everyone to say no to bully:


#從小就經歷過霸凌時期的我,我非常了解那種被霸凌的感覺以及處境! 請不要覺得這只是一時好玩一時的嬉鬧,這搞不好會對他們造成永久性的傷害! 請為受害者多想一點,這樣事情會好的很多很多。 #終止霸凌行為 #[email protected]__S7TD8epV2MCJ-!&e72dczTm_xuLQz3vsnPo+DL-將心比心為他人多想一點 #建議HD高畫質觀看

煎熬弟 鍾明軒貼上了 2017年3月7日

8. Xiao Ala

As a male to female transgender, Xiao Ala does not worry about what others think of her. She faces her critics directly and she is not afraid to say she was born a boy. Her direct and brave personality soon won her many followers, up to 1.4 million. Her fans encourage her to be herself. We see not only their support but also their open attitude towards queerness.

She also did a dance cover:

After becoming famous, Xiao Ala also revealed the discrimination she suffers as a transgender. She pointed out that support from the family is crucial, also the confidence of being oneself.

#A辣阿嬤的話 家人永遠是我的背後 強大靠山

小A辣貼上了 2016年4月5日

 9. Lingin

 With more than 1.4 million fans, Linging started doing videos because he was bored during a typhoon day. However, his hilarious lips-sync videos and dramatic performances soon attracted many fans. His interactions with his mon and grandma are sincere and adorable.


Lingin also did videos with Xiao Ala:

One day, when Lingin was taking a cab, he directly came out to the driver. The driver gave him a warm encouragement. Lingin’s bravery has also inspired many gay men.


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