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Manga is one of the most important Japanese exports to the world, and several BL and GL works have attracted a lot of Fujoshi and gay people all over Asia. Queer Asia: Japan, filmed and produced by GagaOOLala, interviewed two internationally renowned gay manga artists. Let’s take a look at how they picture homoeroticism.

The work by Japanese manga artist Usaki

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Orange-haired manga artist Kou Usaki focuses on his tablet, drawing the story of his falling in love with his high school classmate. "Momose (百瀨) isn’t just a classmate but a character loved by a gay. When the protagonist is changing his clothes in the locker room, he would notice Momose for no specific reason." Usaki really treasures this teenage love story.  

The work by Japanese manga artist Usaki​

"What makes his face so beautiful?"

According to Usaki, he found out that he loved boys when he was a third-grader in elementary school. It was love at first sight, "when our eyes met, I was wondering, what makes his face so beautiful? I couldn’t stay there anymore, so I ran out of the classroom."


"Fighting against discriminations through manga."

Usaki explained that he wanted to portray more the good side of people, even if everyone has their flaws. "We should make everyone realize that each person has its own strengths," said Usaki, believing that this is a way to fight discrimination against sexual minorities.

Watch Queer Asia - LGBT Manga on GagaOOLala

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