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It was in 2020 that Japan saw the release of the world's first-ever R18 rated BL film with Dangerous Drugs of Sex, the live-action movie adaptation of the erotic BL manga by the same name by yaoi author Yuki Mizuta. Immediately upon its release, the movie caused quite the stir among the BL aficionados in the Japanese nation owing to its unabashedly explicit content, erotic imagery, and countless accounts of full nudity. However, long before Dangerous Drugs of Sex, there was already an equally sensational and explicit BL manga that was adapted into a major TV series in 2018, and with its astounding commercial and critically acclaimed performance, a live-action movie adaptation was soon set in the motion and was finally released as recently as February of 2021. With this, GagaTai dives into the live-action TV series adaption of Pornographer and the dashing Takezai Terunosuke who plays the lead character of an erotic novelist in it.

Takezai Terunosuke (Right) plays the role of Kizima Rio, an erotic novelist in Pornographer. (Source: GagaOOLala)

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When one talks of erotic boy-to-boy  romantic mangas from Japan, one simply cannot afford to miss  Pornographer by the yaoi author Maki Marukido. The erotic BL manga was first brought to life in 2015, followed by its sequel in 2016, and finally its trilogy in late 2019. Moreover, Pornographer was also adapted into a live-action TV mini-series by Japan's Fuji Television Network in 2018 by director Koichiro Miki where it went on to become the fastest show to reach a milestone of one million views on the network's Fuji On Demand (FOD) online streaming service. Given its immense popularity on the small screen, director Koichiro Miki most recently went to direct and release a live-action film adaptation of the beloved BL manga titled PornographerPlayback on 26 February 2021.

(Source: GagaOOLala)

Pornographer the series tells the story of Kizima Rio, an erotic novelist who fractures his hand because of an accident caused by a university freshman by the name of Kuzumi Haruhiko. With his arm broken and Haruhiko unable to pay for the injury, Rio asks Haruhiko to be “his helping hand”, to assist him with the transcription of an erotic story he is developing. Unable to say no, Haruhiko helps Rio pin his story and in the course of doing so, Rio and Haruhiko eventually start to fall for each other with the two starting a relationship at the finale of the series.

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Takezai Terunosuke, who plays the lead role of Kizima Rio in the series, has done an excellent job in interpreting his character of the erotic novelist as accurately as possible to the original manga. As a result of the phenomenal decision made by the casting department, the outstanding dedication of the costume and make-up department, and of course the profound acting performance of the talent, Terunosuke portrayal of Kizima Rio left such a profound impression on director Koichiro Miki that he along with Kenta Izuka, the other lead actor who plays Kuzumi Haruhiko in the series, were invited to reprise their roles for the live-action film adaptation of the manga in 2021. Takezai Terunosuke is known to have started his career as a model in the Japanese showbiz industry when he was as young as 12  years old. Eventually, Terunosuke made his transition from modeling into acting gaining stardom and critical acclaim for his performance in the movie The Signs of Love alongside actress Matsushita. Over time, he even made his mark on the small screen by taking part in prominent TV shows such as Hanzawa Naoki and Emergency Interrogation Room. As prolific an actor as Terunosuke is, it comes as no surprise that he has perfectly portrayed the role of the erotic novelist Kizima Rio in Pornographer, which can now be streamed on GagaOOLala globally.

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