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Another story of homosexuals being forced into a heterosexual marriage? Nah. This is a story of how lesbians and gays conspire together to get married! Korean gay rom-com Two Weddings and a Funeral tells the story of a gay couple and a lesbian couple that fake two marriages in order to escape from a heterosexual life. The film not only highlights the oppression against sexual minorities in the very traditional Korean society, but also the isse of "marriage of convenience" prevailing in Asia.

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Marriage of convenience is a marriage without any kind of romantic relationship between the parties; instead, marriage of convenience is driven by specific reasons. Many gay people who cannot bear the stress from their families choose this path as a solution. Although based on a severe topic, Two Weddings and a Funeral tells this story in rather light and bright tone, unveiling a unique kind of sweetness hidden in these marriages of convenience. Such an entertaining in-depth exploration into this topic earned the film the praise of the audience when it was screened at the 2014 Taiwan International Queer Film Festival.

Two Weddings and a Funeral

The film follows a young doctor, Min-Soo, who is afraid of his parents finding out about him being gay and so he decides to fake a marriage with his charming colleague, Hyo-Jin. But Hyo-Jin is in fact a lesbian living with her partner in an apartment right across the hall. Hyo-Jin and Min-Soo therefore start their life of pseudo-cohabitation. Everything seems to be going well until Ming-Soo's parents start to doubt about their relationship and finally realize that this is a lie. Min-Soo learns that living a life in order to please others is actually harmful and hurtful.

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Min-Soo, played by K-pop star Kim Dong-yoon, originally thuoght that this fake marriage could allow him to escape from their families, but it turns out the preassure is still there; moreover, his "wife" Hyo-Jin is also under constant attack, with people gossiping about her real sexuality. The comedy elements and the fresh, twinky look of Kim Dong-yoon will make everyone crack up!

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Kim Jho Gwang-soo, director of Two Weddings and a Funeral, is one of the few openly gay Korean directors. Since the director understands gay cultures and has produced many gay films, Two Weddings and a Funeral is able to leave behind he sad narratives the plague queer cinema and lead the audience to explore the LGBT culture in Korean society at a lighter pace.  The gay characters that appear in the film are feel fresh and mundane (in a good way), making the plot lively and relatable.

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Hao, a chubby gay man, works as a janitor at a gay spa. For him, romantic relationships is an unreachable dream. One day, an attractive customer, Kai, walks in and gives Hao the opportunity to massage him.
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