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Park Sung-woong, an experienced and skilled actor, has been working in the Korean TV industry for over 20 years starring in nearly 100 TV series and movies. He is extremely productive. Every follower of Korean drama is definitely familiar with his mature charisma.

Park Sung-woong / Source: sports.chosun

Park Sung-woong debuted in a supporting role in the movie No.3. In his early career, he played several carefree characters showing a wide scope of personalities. Gradually, he has become a star. In recent years, Park Sung-woong has appeared in several epic Korean films, such as Monstrum and The Great Battle.

Park Sung-woong's "special" look / Source: dkbnews.donga

Being well-known in the Korean film industry, Park Sung-woong has been nicknamed "hunk collector." In Man to Man (2017), where Park Hae-jin plays his bodyguard, people were drooling over Park Sung-woong's sexy maturity and his cute and innocent bodyguard. Moreover, there's a scene where they feed each other, holding hands and running together, putting fingers on the lip and other homoerotic moments.

Source: Yahoo

In a scene of Man to Man, Park Sung-woong caused a lot of bloopers when he and the "national husband" Song Joong-ki were acting. The media joked that even Park Sung-woong could not resist being seduced by Song Joong-ki. Park Sung-woong was not satisfied. In the variety show Knowing Bros, he not only kissed Kim Hee-chul but also kissed Min Kyung-hoon, a young cute boy; he even smooched with another hunk daddy, Seo Jang-hoon. He is the most skilled in bending male stars in the Korean show business.

A scene in Man to Man / Source: YouTube

If you are a fan who enjoys watching sexy daddy Park Sung-woong bending young hunks, then you will have to watch Method starring Park Sung-woong and Oh Seung-hoon, the sweetest boy that has ever existed. Park Sung-woong plays a veteran actor who is going to perform a homosexual stage play with another actor (played by Oh Seung-hoon). During rehearsals, the boundaries between them are blurred, so are the boundaries between performance and real life. The love, romantic and yet heartbreaking, will definitely satisfy the fans!

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