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Last March, 26th the Japan Volleyball League All-Star Game took place. During the match, there was a heated argument between the players Yuimoto Yuu and Takamatsu Takaya from opposite teams. While the argument was heating up terribly, suddenly, they kissed each other to make peace. This made all the girls in the audience go crazy.

When Yuimoto Yuu got one point from smacking the ball, he went over to the other side of the field also provoked his rival Takamatsu Takaya. Takamatsu Takaya got very upset and murmured for a bit, then, things got physical. When a fight seemed imminent, Yuimoto Yuu grabbed Takamatsu Takaya’s head and gave him a kiss. This made all the aunties, moms, and girls screamed out of their minds.

After the kiss, Takamatsu Takaya seemed surprisingly shy.

After the initial excitement, people on the internet started to say everything was actually a setup.

The two sportsmen were acting out one of the plots from the classic film Dachōkurabu (1985). The scene in particular focused on two people in an argument, getting closer and closer as the fight heats up. In the end, they kiss each other like nothing happened.

The only difference is that instead of two middle-aged men, there are two hot volleyball players. It is not only funny, but also an eye-catcher! Some BL fans doubt: is there something going on between these two?

Yuimoto Yuu, born in 1992 is a talented student from Tokyo. After his sister insisted, he started his volleyball career. Height 180 cm, weight 70 kg.

Takamatsu Takaya, born in 1998, is known for his fit body and charming face. Height: 186, weight: 82 kg. Showing off his body does not seem to bother him.

The sexy man on man kiss meme hast not only happened between the two young volleyball players. Sho Sakurai and Masaki Aiba from the Japanese group Arashi have made out with each other on TV in the past.

No wonder all the Japanese BL fans arA+BC-g6qAnQV5dmY=nTLWxO=WP86SRfkmK1rAIkDoqX4=%gW1le going insane. What’s more heart-racing than two hot guys kissing??

Source: CNA
Writer: Matt

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