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The end of the holidays is always a hard time—so here’s a collection of hot guys to help you motivate yourself to get back to work! The latest additions to GagaOOLala are full of the charms of southern men. In January Filipino production Love at the End of the World stormed its way to victory by serving up everything from macho men to young cuties, proving once again that stripping down never fails to please. BL powerhouse Thailand delivered again with sugary-sweet romance in Paint with Love and Bromance, while Japan’s electrifyingly explicit movie Macho Caponata brings all your fantasies to life, combining high production values and a complete plotline.

#1 Original Series|Philippines|Love at the End of the World


After NASA announces that an asteroid will hit the Earth in seven days with catastrophic consequences, every couple finds that what’s most important to them has changed in the ensuing panic. BL thriller-romance Love at the End of the World tells the story of four gay couples as they deal with love, pain, loss, forgiveness, redemption, loneliness, and sorrow.

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#2 Original Short Film|Taiwan|(Not That) Innocent


Now presenting (Not That) Innocent, a special follow-up to Taiwanese BL series Innocent

The one you love is Yu Shi, not me.

They’re the same person. So why are their personal4^RaGppO(R#r5)+oG2!QOo1zerxVP#p0_9kzCjv4!so_STs+5Wities so different??

Even lovers in the same bed dream different dreams. In your subconscious, are you a cunning white rabbit, or a ravenous black panther? Tonight, who is the prey and who is the predator?

I can never resist finding new ways to provoke you, and yet still I defy your high-handed attempts to possess me. I never could have imagined that the person I would be most jealous of would be…myself.

Two personalities in one body. Animalistic desire, long repressed, is ready to erupt. In this spin-off from the Taiwanese BL series Innocent, witness as a clash between lovers reaches an electrifying climax.

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#3 TV Series|Thailand|Paint with Love


Tae and Singto join forces to bring you a romantic new love story.

Maze (Singto), the head of a media agency, hires abstract artist Phab (Tae) to paint a wedding portrait for a celebrity couple. But after a ridiculous accident happens, Phab is forced to go to work for Maze to pay off his debt. As they spend more time together, what began as a hostile work relationship develops in a direction neither of them could have predicted…

They’re as different as the sun and the moon, and yet they can't help gravitating toward each other.

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#4 Movie|Japan|Macho Caponata


Takeshi runs a harborside Italian restaurant. Sparks fly when his ex Kazuyoshi returns from Italy after seven years apart. But then a third man appears, throwing all of their relationships into chaos. Is this passion? Love? Friendship? Or lust?

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#5 Reality Show|Thailand|Bromance


Sixteen absolute studs–but which one of them will win the leading man’s affections? The world’s first BL dating reality show has no rules and no limits. Watch this unprecedented fight to find love as the contestants battle through a spectacular series of events both romantic and erotic. Which one of you is my dream lover?

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#6 Short Film|Taiwan|Craving


One apartment. Two nights. A lonely police officer and an old hand in matters of sex and romance have an unusual encounter.

Source: GagaOOLala

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#7 TV Series|Thailand|Physical Therapy


For phy0Cm-TWY=V79x6jQR6+S_F8apY1+GC7oFE7o9GLXe!5@qJ5+e!asical pain, I have a doctor. For emotional pain, I have you.

Beneath a doctor’s white coat hides not only an earnest desire to help people but also the purest kind of love. Pun is a handsome young doctor whose gentle exterior conceals a world of heartbreak—until he falls in love at first sight with a patient. Love will heal them both, body and soul.

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#8 Film|Japan|Dangerous Drugs of Sex


My life is over...

Once a member of the social elite with a perfect life, Katsuragi loses everything in the blink of an eye. In a drunken despair, he decides to end it all.

Then a mysterious man named Yoda arrives on the scene. "If you're done with living, why don't you hand your life over to me?" he says. Little does Katsuragi know that this is only the beginning of an endless nightmare of imprisonment and BDSM training.

This is a film that seeks to explore the meaning of life through sex. Intended from the beginning to be rated R18, all the key BDSM scenes have been captured with true authenticity.

"This is Japan's first live-action R18 BL movie. I hope it satisfies the audience!" - Hideo Jojo, director of Dangerous Drugs of Sex

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#9 Original Short Film|Taiwan|Light


Even if it's not true, won't you say you love me?

Violently sexually assaulted by his stepfather as a child, Light has never known what love is. When his mother dies, he loses his last thread of hope. All he can do is flee from this house that has never been a home and sell his body in order to survive.

Then one fateful night, a new client beats him brutally and leaves his battered body lying in the street. There in the pouring rain, he encounters Shuo, who works in an old tailor shop. Shuo's touch reignites the warmth in Light's heart.

But Shuo and his team are only undercover at the tailor shop so they can get closer to a local drug lord. Shuo has rescued Light and provided him with a safe haven, at least for now. But will Light be able to leave behind the trauma of being assaulted and start a new life? Or will he go back to working the streets and seeking approval from his johns?

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#10 Short Film|South Korea|The Four Vampires


A vampire who makes love with apgdaE40iqvAuEv4cQ7QFBv+C2(eaQ!ct5H78)DG1SU2e*_zsUm man becomes able to die.

The vampire Jong-soo and his associates, weary of immortality, embark on a search for a way to die. They decide to test the truth of this rumor with their own bodies. But after Jong-soo kisses Sun-ah, he begins to hesitate—should he choose death or love?

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🌟The first R18 BL movie in Japanese film history
🌟Auto-tune remix-themed content, masters and slaves, super forbidden domination pleasure
🌟Taiwan International Queer Film Festival topic selection, Hong Kong limited release is hard to find!

Katsuragi, an elite office worker who fell from a perfect life, drunkenly attempted to jump and commit suicide. Suddenly, he was suddenly helped by a mysterious man, Yoda, but that was the beginning of a horrible life of confinement training.

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