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After starring in Method, Oh Seung-hoon's shy, coy look has made him an Internet phenomenon, numerous fujoshis on Weibo have since become his fans. A young hunk with milky white skin and seductive eyes, Oh Seung-hoon has been nicknamed "Milk Fox" by the fans. So, how attractive is Oh Seung-hoon exactly?

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The reason why Oh Seung-hoon's charisma keeps luring his fans is because he is so skilled in acting cute. Oh Seung-hoon's overwhelming cuteness appears not only in the screen but also fan meetings, press releases, and everywhere he goes.

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Besides being cute, Oh Seung-hoon is also an energetic athlete! He once showed a little bit of his basketball skills on the show Buzzer Beater, making the fans realize that their soft, tender idol can play basketball as well! In fact, Oh Seung-hoon was a basketball genius in college. It was because his arm got hurt that he had to give it up. However, it was also because of this giving up that he had an opportunity to be a model and an actor.

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Unlike other young Korean stars, Oh Seung-hoon had already been in the theatre for some time before his big screen appearance. He has the skills of a theater actor and even won the SACA Stagetalk Audience Choice Awards and Best New Actor Awards. From the breeches role in M. Butterfly to the morbid, paranoid, libidinous main character in Equus, Oh Seung-hoon has been challenging himself and continually making breakthroughs. It is precisely because of his perseverance in acting that we all admire him.

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After reading the introduction above, have you also become a fan of the Milk Fox? If so, you need to watch our Milk Fox in Method! Oh Seung-hoon plays a big-headed pop singer who has to get rid of his pride in order to be a theater actor. While learning acting, he accidentally falls in love with the other male actor --and this time, it is something more than a play.  The sweetening yet slightly heartbreaking plot guarantees fans that will never be able to forget this glamorous romance!

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