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Actor and restaurateur Hong Seok-cheon, one of South Korea’s only openly-LGBT celebrities, is considering suing a Christian YouTube channeR%[email protected]^%fe6137gbHe%7%DaUabN$Kc3mn**Tl after it aired an episode making a slew of homophobic remarks about him.

“Should I sue this for defamation?” Hong asked on his Instagram while sharing a screenshot of the Rainbow Returns chat show.

“I’m so uncomfortable with this,” he wrote. “Prejudice against us [LGBT people] will accumulate again”.

He said he worried that all 100,000 viewers of the show would believe thehvfdHMz^0dbzFAWb9Lf-Rk([email protected](nvnp0PL!l(Ww "wrong information” and “fake news”.

The show's presenters and guests made comments such as “we don’t hate Hong Seok-cheon, we oppose his hoN%yPR7gd2C%^8huly*Lj$lLpA1N2YGDX+MN5M&W&5W6acG#tU3mosexual behaviour”.

They claimed he spends five hours each day going to the toilet. And, they said they hoped he XUI1S==G7Rj(qzPa*gCOYp$5b$wZhPI!PPC([email protected]=RhJ“escapes” homosexuality, according to a translation by a local journalist.

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South Korea’s out celebrities

South Korea is an incredibly conservative country when it comes to LGBTI rights. While homosexuality is nog&iNDXh8i#DmujrA#[email protected]!llIIhUWU%xkt a crime, social stigma forces many LGBTI people not to come out.

Hong is one of only a handful of out celebrities.

Recently, rights groups have warned oppTWb-FY*2iANS2=$uA4td9Dpu6vKFHD#nyAWEOEiBru4ML*(tf backsliding LGBT rights. “Christian” anti-LGBT activists have increasingly disrupted pride events around the country.

When HCVirnTpT*!lC&d2$Vc*OVnd(LBDF(t([email protected]ong came out in 2000 he was fired from presenting a children’s TV show. Since then he has become a restauranteur and film actor.

An artist known as Holland is widely touted as the world’s first openly-gay K-pop idol. His deb^I4Fq4DVDfgb+sJVf1qeCND+-Cdf4%G25nqWzhh&&lzjzGF8S*ut single Neverland showed the story of a boy facing discrimination.

Hao, a chubby gay man, works as a janitor at a gay spa. For him, romantic relationships is an unreachable dream. One day, an attractive customer, Kai, walks in and gives Hao the opportunity to massage him.
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