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Winter is ending but we have picked a very steamy TOP 10 of most watched films on GagaOOLala to warm you up during the last cold days. We bring you sensual and touching love stories, including the Pinoy military film Esprit de Corps. Are you ready to raise the temperature? This is the top 10 gay films on GagaOOLala for this February.

Esprit de Corps

★ From Teddy Award-winning director Auraeus Solito based on his own play with the same title. ★
★ A drama about corruption set in the military during the Marcos dictatorship! ★
★ "Mystical and biblical elements could push people to conjure their own interpretations of the enchanted scenes." - Arvin Mendoza, ★

Many are aspiring for the position of Major Mac Favila. He is every cadets ideal officer - sharp, snappy, witty and most of all the most macho among the school's officers. Privates Abel Sarmiento and Cain Fujioka are the top contenders for his position. Will they do anything to get his position? A corruption-seduction drama set in the military in a Christian school for Boys, a year before Marcos fell from power.

Interested In

Interested In is a coming of age series about the painful, steamy, fumbling encounters of a recently out college student, Parker. We follow his journey, in Philadelphia, as he begins to find himself after "the closet." During his first openly gay hook-up, Parker realizes he has much to learn. Through help from his best friend, Danny, and various hook-up encounters, Parker learns to reinvent himself as he begins to freely express his sexuality for the first time.

The Prince

★ Rotten Tomatoes 93% high rating! ★
★ Winner - Venice Film Festival - Queer Lion Award ★
★ "Betrayal is beautiful." - Jean Genet ★
★ "Mixes brutal violence with surprising tenderness." - André Hereford, Metro Weekly (Washington, DC)​★

Chile, just before the elections bringing Allende to power; Jaime, a narcissist 20-year-old, kills with a knife with no apparent reason a guy known as The Gypsy, his till then admirable friend. Sentenced to prison, he will meet The Stallion, an older and respected man in whom Jaime will find the protection, revealing a deep need for tenderness and recognition. Behind bars, Jaime will become The Prince and will learn about love and loyalty with The Stallion. They will have a close relationship of "black love", as it is called in jail, while he faces the violent power struggle inside the prison.

Shadows of Yesterday

★ A unique Filipino gay film about fighting for both rights and love. ★

Nathan, a lifestyle photographer who was sent as a reliever to cover a rally for the newspaper he is working for. His attention was caught by Emman, a student activist, who was rallying against the tuition fee increase. Nathan developed an interest on Emman and started following rallies just to take pictures of him. Finally, Nathan got acquainted with Emman after avoiding an event that went out of hand. A special relationship grew between them. But the relationship was never smooth as it was full of clashes, a love-hate relationship as both get caught up with their differences as they were forced to make choices.


★ Brand new GagaOOLala Original and first Filipino BL set in two time periods. ★
★ Starring the highly anticipated screen couple Kiko Ipapo and Jovani Manansala. ★
★ After "Unlocked," Adolfo B. Alix, Jr. new gay series. ★
★ Rosanna Roces, Alan Paule, Angeli Bayani and Bembol Roco are a dream team. ★

In the midst of 2020, Wade finds an old bag full of love letters in his house's attic. He discovers that these love letters were written to Luis by a boy named Jose Manuel 50 years ago. The letters express his affection for Luis, but because they lived in the 1970s and his father served in the army, he could not express his emotions publicly. Wade Is so touched that he writes back to Jose, and he actually receives a reply...

Summer to Winter

★ After "Sweet Boy," another popular Thai BL film streams globally for the first time. ★
★ Before the summer ends, they promise to keep each other in their hearts. ★
★ A film about beautiful memories, friendship, love and loneliness. ★

Tum is going to escape from his controlling father and study at a University in Bangkok, but he meets Kim Hun three weeks before leaving. At first, Tum dislikes Kim Hum. But when he starts knowing him better, Kim Hun's smile affects him, and he progressively opens up to the new friendship. Kim Hun tries to tell him something important but never gets the chance. Then, an unexpected event occurs and changes their relationship. While on the island, both of them promise to meet again before they part ways.


Fernando is on holiday with his closest friends in a beautiful country house in a chic suburb of Buenos Aires. Without the presence of their girlfriends, the boys are eager to talk about their deepest feelings, their sexual desire for the girls, their fear of the future and their conflicts. Disconnected from the outside world, they do little more than basking in the hot sun, play in the swimming pool, smoke pot and drink.

As in all “men only” situations, they feel free to walk around naked or half-naked, being in such intimate proximity to each other. In that context, Fernando decides to invite a newcomer, German, a close friend from his Taekwondo class. German is easily accepted by the group as Fernando is so appreciated by this “clan.” But German has a preference that Fernando ignores, he is attracted to men. Little by little the two friends get closer and more intimate, almost on the verge of romance. It is obvious that in this totally heterosexual environment, this relationship becomes a secret to hide from others, or not…

My Bromance 2: 5 Years Later

★ The long-anticipated sequel to the Thai BL sensation "My Bromance" has finally arrived five years later! ★
★ International exclusive premiere only on GagaOOLala! ★
★ The one and only couple 2 Flukes will make you BL'd to the extreme! ★

Five years have passed since Golf "passed away". Bank has never forgotten the love and sacrifice from his stepbrother. On the day of his graduation from a university in Chiang Mai, Bank found out that Golf is actually still alive. The two brothers will finally meet again with many unanswered questions during those five years, in a time where society has changed. And their new and old friends are ready to help them grow their love tree again.

Censored Dreams

★ "Sexy and thought-provoking."-Dekkoo​ ★

Samuel is a young hunk who has dreams of becoming a star and is cast in an erotic gay film. Wilfredo is a struggling filmmaker who stakes everything on their film in the making, only for their hopes to be dashed when the Board of Censors gives an X-Rating to the film, which means that it is banned from being shown publicly. Censored Dreams humanizes and shows the struggle and sacrifices of the people involved in a small film.

Dry Wind

★ Berlin International Film Festival 2020 selection. Exclusive streaming on GagaOOLala! ★
★ A must-see if you love "Stranger by the Lake" ★
★ First narrative feature from the director of "Mr. Leather" ★
★ "Powerful and unabashed representation of homosexuality."-Josefine A., One Room With A View ★

Sandro works at the Human Resources department at a mining company. When the working day ends, in the forest that surrounds the company, he has casual sex with his coworker Ricardo. Occasionally, he swims in the public pool where he sees Maicon, but their eyes never cross. When Maicon starts to work at the same company, Sandro’s desires turn into an obsession, and everything gets worse when he finds out that Ricardo and Maicon have an affair.


From acclaimed Filipino director Adolfo Alix Jr. comes the first series about gay relationships during quarantine times. An anthology series that explores our need to connect during the worst of times.

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