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The goofy Paul Chiang looks like the Taiwanese version of So Ji-sub. The 31-year-old actor’s muscular figure and exceptional height (190 cm) also make him appealing either with or without clothes.

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Source: Paul Huang's Instagram

Paul began his acting career in 2010. He drew everyone’s attention with his performance in Au Revoir Taipei and was nominated for Best New Performer at the Taipei Film Festival. In 2012 and 2013, he participated in numerous dramas and movies such as Love Forward, GUNG HAY FAT CHOY (我們發財了), Cha Cha for Twins, and Campus Confidential.

Source: Paul Huang's Instagram

He not only stood out with his performances, he made quite an impression with his hot naked scenes in Cha Cha for Twins and, even after years without appearing in any new film, fans were still hoping to see him again. This year, Paul finally re-emerged and joined the cast of Little Man, one of the short films in the miniseries 5 Lessons in Happiness, although with no naked scenes this time. “It’s great to come back fully clothed,” the actor laughed. However, Paul’s character is a basketball team captain who was born with a big “package” between his legs. The rest is open to everyone’s imagination.

Source: Paul Huang's Instagram

Little Man is a short film from gay comedy miniseries 5 Lessons in Happiness. Watch it now exclusively on GagaOOLala. Paul Chiang plays Hsuan who, unlike his roommate, was born with a large “package.” However, size makes him great at sex but not necessarily great at relationships. Hsuan and his girlfriend get married after a surprise pregnancy, but the marriage ends within months, leaving him a 5-month old baby and a chaotic life to deal with.

5 Lessons in Happiness was released on GagaOOLala on Valentine’s Day. Watch these five unique love stories and find the answer to the question: is love always the right choice?

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