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Editor’s note: Short film Military Dog focuses on BDSM culture. Young military officer Lee Jun-zhong joins the BDSM scene and meets his master DT on the web. He will do anything to prove his loyalty. Director Wang Ping-wen did his homework on Taiwanese BDSM to completely capture the vibe of the scene. In order to let the audience know more about the inside world of human dog and k9, GagaTai interviewed two people who have been practicing “master-dog relationship" in Taiwan for a long time, and shared their experience on torture and pleasure.

Bei has been involved in BDSM for 7 or 8 years. He was a K9, and won himself the name ‘Bei Dog’, which stands for famous dog in Taipei. Then, he became a human puppy trainer, and also became involved in bondage, outdoor sex and military play. He is a fully experienced BDSM professional.

(Photo credit/ Bei)

GA: How long have you been in the BDSM scene? How did you become a K9?

Bei: I’ve been in the BDSM scene for about 7-8 years. I started to get involved in petplay because of the novel Military Dog, but puppy play wasn’t my first play actually. I was so excited and looked forward to became a K9 since the first time so I wasn’t that nervous at all. The punishments I got when I acted out...being disciplined was humiliating but also very exciting.

GA: Why do they call you a Bei Dog?

Bei: It started out as a joke, and also happened to be a coincidence. My friends like to call me Bei, I got some puppy-like characteristics and live in Taipei (Taibei). That’s why I became Bei Dog. Some people say it’s the abbreviation for famous dog in Taipei, but I don’t think being famous is that big of a deal.

Bei during puppyplay. (Photo credit/ Bei)

GA: You once said that you can recognize a K9 spirit easily, what’s so special about a K9 spirit?

Bei: K9 spirit means sexually submissive servility. It depends on whether or not the person has a slave mentality. If you are a skillful master, you probably can tell if that person is a k9 or not by the way he talks or from his mannerisms, and can even start to ‘sexual assimilate’ someone. Most of the K9 has affectionate, playful but vulnerable characteristics, and they like being toyed with. But, it depends, some people enjoy being in a puppy-like state, and someone just behave like a puppy when it comes to certain situations. 

GA: What are the most important trades to attract a master? 

Bei: The attraction depends on whether or not you match your master’s interests, but I think discipline is also a must. It’s like hooking up, if it’s only a one time thing, you just have to fulfill your’s master’s needs, but if you want it to be a stable thing, I think it’s more about responsibility, a responsibility for your puppy. It’s because in puppyplay, if you want to accomplish discipline, the most important thing is trust. Other requirement, to be honest, is your looks, that kind of superficial things.

During the Taipei LGBT pride, Bei (in the middle) is wearing a military uniform with other human pups. (Photo credit/ Bei)

GA: What’s your best discipline experience being a K9?

I enjoyed every discipline I’ve had, but if I had to chose, there were two of them that were unforgettable. The first one was the first puppification training that I had when I first got into this scene, no matter who was around, I was completely puppified, I didn’t use language to communicate, just acted solely on instinct. It was a good way to build a relationship with my handler. I was in a pup state when I was eating, going tqY7^j7z=eUaq_q3&blW9GW)eX9QP10B_SS#C=+tWNX$pSvw0qqo the restroom or moving. The best experience I had was when I got collared by my master. Because he is my stable master, he made a special collar for me, that’s a very pleasurable moment for me. And these experiences made me the person I’m now.

Another good experience was when I was shooting the BDSM puppy calendar, it wasn’t a discipline at all, but I was in a single guesthouse with a bunch of my puppy buddies. It was a puppification documentary of myself, when I look back to it, I still can feel the excitement.

Bei in chains. (Photo Credit: Bei)

GA: Then you started handling puppies, what was the reason for it? What’s your mindset on the transition from puppy to handler?

Bei: Handling a puppy is a feeling. I've only had two dogs. One of them lasted for 4 to 5 years, but the relationship ended already. The other has been going on for 2 years, and it’s still continuing. My mindset didn’t change much, I got puppy features, and I also got master features. The two personalities can co-exist, so it all just came naturally to me.

GA: Can a good dog become a good master?

Bei: Although it didn't take much to change my mindset, I definitely agree that being a puppy can strengthen the understanding of puppies. I don’t think that I am a powerful master, unlike other masters who are can do the bondage really well, but I think that because I have been a dog, I can understand my dog better  ... I can properly control him or give him the discipline he needs! I can't say if I'm a good dog or a master, but I'm confident that I know my dog well and can control him completely!

Bei and his dogs. (Photo Credit: Bei)

GA: What gives you the most pleasure? 

Bei: Tying up and torturing your slaves feels great, I enjoy watching my slaves scream. Watching my slaves being unable to control their bodies, humiliated by my words, and their body turns red while begging! It feels like they are begging for more shame.

I derived great pleasure from outdoor nudity and cum swallowing when being a puppy. You never know what’s going to happened outdoor, the uncertainty, being watched and receiving a facial from my masters. The smell of cum mix with the nervousness from observing the the outdoor environment, makes the best of being a puppy.

In conclusion, it really depends on the person you are having fun with. You will be cautious if don’t trust the person. Maybe pleasure really comes easy for me, but I still can’t really describe it with words.

Bei is excited when talking about his experiences on outdoor nudity. (Photo Credit: Bei)

GA: Some argue that BDSM is an unequal power relationship and should not involve torture or manipulation. As an skillful BDSM regular in Taiwan, how do you respond to this?

Bei: In this regard, I personally believe that there needs to be a mutual understanding between master and slaves. After all, some slaves just enjoy the unequalily of being controlled and the shame! To put it simply, the communication between masters and slaves should be slightly extended, you can’t go against the will of your dog (slave).  Although some like to be forced, you need to follow the specifications of what has been agreed.

Bei in bondage. (Photo Credit: Bei) 

GA: What do you think is the difference between the master/slave relationship and other ordinary love relationships?

Bei: In fact, they are very different. First of all, the relationship of master and slave is unequal, and couples are equal. Some of the masters and slaves in the scene have become couples, but there will always be a period that they need to re-evaluate their relationship. For example, what’s the positions they need to take on during argument? Someone asked my dogs, “do you want to be a couple with your master?” His answer was no, he knows better that he is a slave, so he can tolerate more being a slave than in a relationship. I think the fundamental question is whether the status is equal. 

(Photo Credit: Bei)

GA: If a friend wants to be a dog or a master, what advice would you give him?

I just want them to think twice about what they want. Some people in the scene just want a relationship that ends overnight and some wants a relatively stable master-slave relationship. After you understand each other's needs, I think there will be no problem on trying out puppyplay. Regardless of being a master or a slave, try to have a mutual understanding before starting the relationship with each other. After all, some BDSM actually involves illegal issues. Learn more about the other party to avoid unnecessary trouble, and protect yourself and the other party.

Bei and his puppy. (Photo Credit: Bei)


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