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At the beginning of 2017, a Facebook post read “Be somebody you never thought you could be”. Enter JC Tan, a name which evokes an entire wall of six-packs when googled. 

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At the end of 2017, Filipino internet celebrity JC Tan had made it into a McDonalds ad with his SPF50 PA+++ sunny boy smile. It was 2019 when he held the wheel for a television commercial, sitting in a car drinking a McCafé. You could say that the man had a “fame drive-thru”, yet not one who was lucky enough to take that leap to fame. He once said in an interview: “If you’re considering giving up, consider why you started.” 


Charming farmer becomes an actor​

JC Tan has had a few different “firsts”. Starting out as a farmer in Abra, Philippines, he had once worked as a dish-washer in Manila. In 2013, he was invited to go on a television show where his performing career finally took off. From a farmer to an actor, the man is now an Instagram celebrity with over 75K of fans, in addition to a star in international independent films. 


Delivering courage in a time of hardship ​

The most notable recent work from JC Tan would probably be the 2016 commercial short for the Filipino telecom company SMART Communications, in which he played a gay man. The ad answers the question: “Should you accept your family’s friend request?”. Telecoms shorten physical distances but increase that of the heart. Looking at his photograph with his handsome boyfriend JC Tan on Facebook, the son decides to take a leap of faith. The heartwarming commercial named “Break Barrier” had gained near 3 million views on YouTube and was commended by many LGBT people. “Break Barrier” went viral for a while and was considered as JC’s biggest breakthrough. 

As the 2020 global pandemic enters the picture, the 27-year-old JC Tan becomes a part of an open love triangle in GagaOOLala’s original “quarantine series” Unlocked 9: Pancho, Quinn & Ryan. Playing as Pancho, the man finds himself stuck in a room and between two lovers while becoming the top object of desire… 

“What is it you want? “The sunny boy is asked. With a naughty grin, the boy replies, “you.” 

Oh yes, my dear. Make sure you don’t misUX9rA-S7lB5qJ*lhpgH&wR9*h+^[email protected]!ALKJ#-R0u#$lUKs out on this one. 


Under quarantine, JC Tan’s character may seem like the top, but before a blink of an eye, the relationship is once again but a pile of naked bodies. Too often, the blurry gap of the so-called “open relationships” becomes a crevice in one’s heart as time goes by. But should that crevice be filled, or should it be left to stumble on? A sunny boy would no doubt serve as a fine remedy as he fills you up with unbending courage. Quarantined, so what? Here’s to the charming smiles delivered straight to your screen at home. 


10-year challenge, an ugly duckling story ​

Last year, JC followed up with the 10-year challenge meme on Facebook, showing his photos of 2009 to 2019 while calling himself an ugly duckling. But for him, the challenge seems more like a “10-year workout result”, as his sturdy abs prove that he is as much of a professional actor as he is no amateur in body maintenance. When the ugly duckling becomes the great swan, the scouts get busy. It was only February when the Facebook page “Pinoy Bae” posted a series of JC’s topless pics. His fan base rapidly grew after that and the hundreds of shares made him a trending topic. 



What’s more, is that the man starred in Netflix’s first Filipino Orginal series Amo, which made him among the most popular faces of the show, as he plays a … SWAT uniformed police! That muscular arm lifting his gigantic gun, …ooh la la, no wonder fans are “surrendering” quicker than a teenage boy gets hard. His enchanting six-pack is certainly a living proof of his perseverance. But not only is he a hard-worker, his irregular streaming sessions and Instagram pictures show just how much he cares about his fans. To see those feisty pics, turn left for Instagram😍.

From a farmer,lxnmHc(wP5uwTdFkDmoG*En_&i#ZAk%XgLBFwe%^lV$9IHlBUW actor, model, to SWAT police, JC Tan continues to “be somebody you never thought you could be.”


In addition to a working out, the man cares very much about his diet. He’s also an avid biker (You’ll see pics of him with his bike) (Along with his biceps). “I like road trips. They give me a wonderful sense of freedom and excitement.”, he said. The man with the devilishly charming grin is to date, single. He never refuses an autograph or selfie request from fans, men or women. 

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