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Editor’s note: Short film Military Dog focuses on BDSM culture. Young military officer Lee Jun-zhong joins the BDSM scene and meets his master DT on the web. He will do anything to prove his loyalty. Director Wang Ping-wen did his homework on Taiwanese BDSM to completely capture the vibe of the scene. In order to let the audience know more about the inside world of human dog and k9, GagaTai interviewed two people who have been practicing “master-dog relationship" in Taiwan for a long time, and shared their experience on torture and pleasure.

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Zun is a masculine puppy with a cute face. The first time he tried BDSM was three and a half years ago. He has had a total of three masters,  and his current one is also his boyfriend. He is very popular in the Taiwanese BDSM scene since he started postinghis life story with his master on PTT BDSM forum.

Zun / (Photo credit/ Zun)

Ga: Could you please share your experience transforming into a puppy for the first time?

Zun: I got into the BDSM scene three years ago. I always have been following BDSM related articles and photos, I always thought of it as a sexual fantasy and didn’t want to have a master yet. The first time I got involved was after reading Military Dog by Xia Mu Cong. It caused a big effect on me! I couldn’t help but wonder how it would be like and what kind of feelings I could experience as a puppy. So I tried it myself.

I did a lot of things for the first time with my first master. Like the first time we talked about our thoughts, first assignment on the internet, and my first discipline. The disciplines I got from him weren’t that impressive, but I had a really good time with him. Everything we did for the first time touched me somewhere deep in my heart. I can only say that SM made me experiencing some unreal, different and rare situations. It was shocking and impressive. I put myself out there, empty myself while letting another person take over me. It felt a bit dangerous and also insecure when being controlled by him, but I also felt safe when he was holding me tight. It was a feeling of conflict.

Military Dog was the main reason why Zun got into world of puppyplay. / (Photo credit/ Zun)

GA: How did you meet your current master? How did he become your boyfriend?

It's a bit hard to say. XD

The first time we met was in a KTV discipline party exclusive to the BDSM scene when my second master still owned me, so I met my current master as a friend. He became my master after we became a couple.

I asked him to be in a relationship with me first. It was a simple declaration, and it was not about BDSM. Both of us had had feelings for each other for a while, and we both knew about it, so the confession was more like a confirmation. We have been together for more than two years now. 

Zun met his boyfriend on a BDSM party. / (Photo credit/ Zun)

GA: How many masters have you had? What are their similarities and differences?

Zun: Three including the current one.

Every master is quite different for me. There are more differences than similarities. My first master was dominating and strict, my second master was gentle and considerate, and he always knew what I was thinking. The third one is dominating but also gentle, it’s more balance. 

The similarities are that they all changed me deeply. I am a proud puppy, so if you want to tame me, you must show me something special. Like my first master was dominating like a sharp light-beam and my second master was gentle like water. Although they have different traits, they all just happened to meet my needs, and fill the missing parts of my heart.

Zun’s masters all had something especial to subdue him. / (Photo credit/ Zun)

Ga: You have been in relationships while doing puppyplay. What are the differences between puppyplay and a regular relationship?

Zun: My opinion has changed over time, from my first until my third master. I think everyone has different ways to get along. for me, I gradually understood the best way to balance these two kinds of relationships.

At first, I think my master was more important than my boyfriend. Maybe because of the influence from Military Dog, I treated my master as my God. The relationship didn’t end well between my first master and me, so I started to think of what I did wrong. Although he’s my master, he has his own life and a partner. It’s romantic to think of my master as my religion, but it’s not practical.

Ever since my second master, I started to think my ex-boyfriend (my ex wasn’t familiar with BDSM culture) was more important than my master. I started to put my boyfriend before my master always. When I wasn’t hanging out with my boyfriend then I’d go see with my master. I tried to compartmentalize my life, separating these two relationships. My boyfriend is my partner, and for my master… it’s hard to define what he means to me. I respect my master and offer him everything I have, it’s a dangerous, exciting and memorable relationship. If my boyfriend is not interested in things like BDSM or the other side of me, I can only show them to my master.

Later on, there are still some limits. No matter how you separate these two, they still influence each other.

In the end, letting my boyfriend become my master is the best answer so far. My boyfriend is also my master, so I don’t have to choose between those two.

Zun has been figuring out how to get along with his master and his boyfriend / (Photo credit/ Zun)

Ga: Did your boyfriend ever get jealous of you? How do you communicate with each other?

Zun: Jealousy was an issue that I often encountered during my second puppyplay. It took a lot of effort just to communicate, but my boyfriend back then still was jealous of my affair with my master. At the same time, my master was also jealous of me and my boyfriend's relationship. After a while, he finally turned cold. Sometimes it seemed like these problems wer ein the past, but the same arguments would still resurface again.

It is not about feeling good or bad in this kind of thing. After all, I didn’t mention to my boyfriend that there will be an extra S&M relationship when we started dating. No matter how much he loved me, it doesn’t mean that he had to accept the part of me that enjoys S&M, and for me, I can’t go back to the old me who knows nothing about S&M after exploring more of this subject. I couldn’t act like this desire did not exist, and my boyfriend couldn’t pretend that he was happy about our relationship. In this deadlock, the relationship became a drag simply forcing us to meet the each other's expectations. Breaking up was an easy way out for both of us.

Zun told his boyfriend and master about the other relationships, he finally broke up with his boyfriend peacefully. 
(Photo credit/ Zun)

Ga: After you became a puppy, you got your own puppy. Why did you become a big dog instead of a master?

Zun: Maybe it’s because of my public image. I don’t think I have the master's vibe. If I can’t convince myself to be a master in my own mind, I don’t think I can be one in reality.

Being a big dog is easier than what I thought. A big dog is someone who cares and can take care of a puppy. Maybe it’s kind of like being a master, but it’s more like being an older brother to me.

What a master does is getting a new dog, but being a big dog is like bringing a puppy back home. I’m still a puppy, I don’t need to have the image of a master. It’s more natural to me.

Dog Zun (left) and puppy Fenrir (right). (Photo credit/ Zun)

Ga: As mentioned above, how do you feel going from a puppy to a big dog?

Zun: I used to tell my big dog friends that I would never want a puppy. I only wanted to be a willful puppy forever.

After having a puppy, the relationship between my master and me stayed the same. With a new identity, I could see things differently. I always put myself in my puppy’s shoes. I started to think, what do they want from a master/big dog? What will I get in the end? How is our interaction going to be?

Maybe the puppy won’t share the same point of view as me, but there are still some similarities. The experiences I had from being a puppy were really useful.

On some level, transforming from a willful puppy to a big dog who takes care of others is considered a grown-up thing to do. 

Zun and Fenrir. / (Photo credit/ Zun)

GA: What would you say to your master and your puppy in one sentence?

Zun: To my master, love you 3000 times.

To my puppy Fenrir, even though I can’t embrace whenever you want, I’m always there for you.

GA: What is your favorite discipline?

Zun: I have to say I still like to get along with someone in a plain but loving way. Like rest on my master’s thigh and just enjoy his smell, let my master pet me or falling asleep on my master’s chest. These things are all very simple but they bring me a lot of happiness.

Discipline wise, I also enjoy the shyness of wearing a dog mask and taking pictures with my master in public. Although taking pictures is just something very small and simple, I always feel unbelievably shy whenever I’m in a dog mask. It’s so embarrassing taking pictures in public wearing a dog mask.

Ga: You once said that in your first puppy/master relationship, you are a puppy, not a slave, so what’s the biggest difference between being a puppy and a slave?

Zun: For me, a puppy is a pet, you need to treat your puppy with love and affection. In contrast, the slave doesn’t have any rights. Puppy has his own personality but if a slave has a personality kind of ruins the whole fantasy.  

I think another difference is there are more emotions between puppy and his master. When the puppy is separated from his master, there is a sense of longing. Just like a real puppy and his owner, the puppy will always wait for him to come back home.

(Photo credit/ Zun)

Ga: What brings you the most happiness when living your life as a puppy?

I can always be unreasonably affectionate, and self-willed. “I’m a puppy, where is my food and drink, master?” Something like that. XDD

If I want to cuddle, my master will always hug and snuggle me. In my master’s mind, I’m always his best puppy. I think that is a very positive and heartwarming feeling.

Ga: If a friend wants to be a puppy or a master, what advice would you offer him?

Listen to your heart, sincerely face your desires, and think about what kind of relationship you want. Be a good puppy!

Watch Military Dog on GagaOOLala.

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