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The vanilla Thai film from 2017 Present Perfect tells the story of a Thai boy, Toey, who goes on a trip to Higashikawa in order to heal from a previous breakup. Once there, he meets Oat, a mysterious and mature Thai man. The two partner up in the quiet yet magnificent strange land, and an unexpected romance sparks between them. 

Present Perfect (Image from GagaOOLala) 

The film was adapted from the director’s own life, and was a sensation right after it premiered at the Bangkok International Film Festival. In addition to the gorgeous Higashikawa snow, Adisorn Tonawanik, who plays the cute, heartbroken boy^u)lkPlg*&pgsH6#(zaIJH9y8oEAPCPrGCUIX#Xln(cOLnogz), proved himself an skilled actor in the film and has gained innumerable fans around world since the release of the film in 2017.

(Image from Adisorn Tonawanik's Instagram)

Adisorn wanted to be an actor since he graduated from film school. He took on his first roles when he was still a student and was deemed promising for his profound charisma on screen and his realistic performances. After he graduated, Adisorn’s wish of becoming a professional actor was granted as he was cast in numerous music videos and commercials. He then got a part in the renowned Thai idol drama U-Prince The Series. Present Perfect was his first time starring in a feature film.

Adisorn got this amazing opportunity just because the image of Toey the director Anusorn Soisa-Ngim’s had in his head when he wrote the script was precisely that of Adisorn, his college schoolmate. Anusornl65ax2c(D056ZWA0oE!p_-AF0Pt=&(1nKea5et%Q40B$G6Ci4n remembers Adisorn as a sad face, fitting to what Toey is like in the entire film. The friendship between the two has proved to be a solid one, and Anusorn insisted that Andisorn plays Toey. 

(Image from Adisorn Tonawanik's Instagram)

Before Present Still Perfect was screened, Adisorn made a love confession to his fans in an interview. “First of all, I’d like to say thank you to the fans who have been continuously supporting me. Because of you, we were able to produce Present Still Perfect. This was the toughest job I had come across so far, but I’d do anything for my fans. I did my best, and I hope that you’d cry harder for this one, and laugh louder.” Hearing such sincere yet confident speech from Adisorn, one can only wonder what makes the film so exciting! 

Present Still Perfect (Image from GagaOOLala) 

Present Still Perfect picks up four years after the events in the film Present Perfect, as Toey goes on holidays to the island of Koh Kood. Absent during all this time, Oat comes back into Toey's life, now married and with a son. A strong desire brings them together once again, and Toey has to decide whether to follow his heart about Oat or accept the truth and let him go.

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