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Based on true events, Thai BL drama Call It What You Want is a story that explores the darker side of the entertainment industry. The second season continues to reveal a sexual harassment case that happened to BL drama actors behind the scenes. What's different is that the protagonist of season 2 is now played by Daniel Chang, the only Taiwanese actor in the cast. 

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Born in Taiwan and raised in South Africa, Daniel Chang moved to Thailand during his high-school years, and was discovered for a single Instagram picture posted under an account called “Thai handsome guys". It wasn't long before he stepped into the show business as an idol. 

Daniel sasy that Marco, the character he plays in Call It What You Want, is "made for him" 
(Image/Call It What You Want S2/GagaOOLala)

Daniel Chang moved to South Africa as a 2-year-old boy and moved back to Taiwan upon graduating elementary school. He eventually settled down in Thailand during his high-school years, where he later entered the prestigious Thammasat University. The school is not only a cradle for elites of various fields, but also konwn for its impressive list of alumni in the entertainment industry, including Win, the lead actor of famous series BL 2gether. 

Call It What You Want marks Daniel's first-ever sex scene 
(Image/Call It What You Want S2/GagaOOLala)

Aside from an actor, Daniel is a member of a Thai boy band called “NKO”. In his exclusive interview with ETtoday, he revealed that he had a photo of him posted onto an Instagram account called “Thai handsome guys". Shortly after, an agent reached out and introduced him to the entertainment industry, where he started as a model. 

A scene with Daniel on a beach, in search of his Mr Right
(Image/Call It What You Want S2/GagaOOLala)

This year, Daniel returned to Taiwan for his mandatory military service. Despite his popularity and fame in Thailand, he found himself completely unknown to his fellow soldiers. He shaved his head and blended in, but when he exchanged instagram accounts with his friends, they were all but astonished to see his follower count.

Bold Daniel who is just as charming

The "tough straight boys” in the Taiwanese army needed some time to take in the fact Daniel is a renowned BL drama actor. They asked him, "What is it like kissing a man?"", to which Daniel laughed and replied, "There's nothing to it! It's a kiss scene, so you kiss!" 

Daniel's post is in Kaohsiung. With the release of Call It What You Want, he has now more Taiwanese fans they he had ever expected, some of which called for a welcoming rally for the end of his service. In light of the pandemic and his shyness, however, Daniel kindly declined this offer.

Daniel shows off his body in Call It What You Want
(Image/Call It What You Want S2/GagaOOLala)

It has been confirmed that several BL productions has contact Daniel’s for his performance in the first season of Call It What You Want. Sweeter and sexier than the previous season, Call It What You Want season 2 is now available on GagaOOLala. Make sure you don't miss it!

Watch Call It What You Want Season 2 on GagaOOLala

Watch Call It What You Want Season 2 on GagaOOLala


Queer Up The Volume

Call It What You Want season 2 is a part of GagaOOLala streaming platform’s original focus project “Queer Up The Volume”, the only collaboration work between Taiwan and Thailand. Queer Up The Volume is a project about a total of 10 stories, 10 directors, 10 songs, and 10 Music Videos. The project also got the subsidy from the Bureau of Audiovisual And Music Industry Department, Ministry of Culture. After a year and a half of pre-productions and shootings, the project will launch 10 pieces of Taiwanese original queer works between April to December this year. It is a demonstration of how dedicated Taiwan is to create queer content works for the world.

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